Dead End Path

you’re the nicest kid on the planet, why do you sing in a hard ass band like dead end path?

Haha great question. I think about that alot actually. When we initially started the band, it was all about having fun and playing the most “ignorant” music possible. That mindset didn’t really last long though, I realized that I wasn’t a hard ass and I didn’t want to be a fake. I also realized I can be a positive person and write about positive things and people could possibly relate to what I’m saying on a positive level. On our new record I touch on a lot of things that I feel could be changed not only in the hardcore scene but in the world.

It all starts with the hardcore scene though, most kids into hardcore are smart, forward thinking people who have a genuine desire to make a change in their lives and others. I feel like hardcore kids are trendsetters in world movements and thought. I feel like I can write a song about something like homophobia or sexism and kids who aren’t necessarily exposed to those types of things might open their eyes. I feel like I have a responsibility to say something, and at this point in my life I want to.

how was the title fight tour?

This is without a doubt the BEST tour we’ve ever done. We could not have gotten a better opportunity. I get to go out every night and play in front of kids who might not necessarily be into my band but I open their minds to things that are currently wrong in the hardcore scene. Homophobia, sexism, racism etc. We go out there talking about these issues and people respond to that. Very positively too. It’s great. Plus every band is soo diverse but that’s what makes it work soo well, everyone gets along great. We’re having a blast!

whats the one thing you love the most about TIHC?

The vibe, straight up. You literally can not ask for a better vibe at a hardcore show. It’s this huge event with hundreds upon hundreds of kids but it feels like a hardcore show because it IS a hardcore show. That’s what’s so appealing to me personally. I feel safe, I know for a fucking fact I’m getting my money’s worth and every kid there knows they’re getting their money’s worth. Also, the diversity of bands is huge. I’m into so many different styles of music and I feel like hardcore as a whole is represented so well. Underdog, Title Fight, From Ashes Rise, Ringworm, Youth Of Today – all stylistically
different I suppose but to me it makes absolute perfect sense.

how did you get hooked up with your label?

Sam BBB approached us while we were on our first winter tour and said he really wanted to work with us. That was such a huge moment for me, knowing that someone else wanted to invest as much time and effort into my band as we did. The whole experience has been incredible. Could not ask for a better label situation.

whats the most important thing about being in a band in 2011?

It’s going to sound cliche but staying true to yourself. People change, and realizing that off the bat is huge. I know I’m not going to want to do this forever, that’s why I’m taking advantage of this amazing opportunity now. If I have one person come up to me and tell me how much fun they had during our set or how much they relate to a particular lyric then it makes everything worth it. It flushes all the bullshit away and it makes me feel naturally happy. I don’t know how all of this happened but I’m humbled by it every single day, it’s a great feeling. Everyone should start a band, if I can do it anyone can!