Episode 18 Scott Vogel.. Keeping The Faith

Episode 18 Scott Vogel.. Keeping The Faith
all pictures by Anne Spina

Scott Vogel’s name in hardcore is so well known, that its hard to even consider where to start.
Just like our guest on episode 1, I wrote a letter to Scott Vogel in 97 about booking his band Despair, and later would book Buried Alive’s first Philadelphia show in November of 98. We stayed in contact and when Terror’s seminal demo came out in 2002, I was selling them outside of our weekly soccer games down at Drexel Campus.
Terror would go on to become world recognized as one of the most important hardcore bands of the last 20 years and known through their relentless touring of the globe from the smallest DIY spaces to the largest festival crowds in europe.
What takes place in this episode is a conversation amongst friends that covers plenty of topics that come from a relaxed stream of conscience format that touches on Scott’s thoughts and feelings regarding hardcore and different era’s of his own career from the earliest days of Slugest to Terror and even World Be Free. It would be hard for me to summarize this , but I can say that there is alot more to the guy who is internationally known for amazing stage presence and his demand for more stagedives and this conversation illuminates that and many more lesser known things about the man who fronts one of the most beloved hardcore punk bands of all time.

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