Episode 59 – Keystone Holiday Jam 2021.

Episode 59 – Keystone Hardcore Jam 2021.

Joe takes you down a playlist with commentary of all the bands playing Keystone Jam 2021
Opening Track of Episode “Punishment – Decemeber Third”
This podcast is dedicated to all of our lost friends. May they watch over us.

Here is the playlist and Running Order of the Tracks in the Episode if you wish to follow along:

Hesitate – Ahead Of The Game

Street Struck – Bleed

D Bloc – The Fixed

Off The Tracks – What It Takes

Raw Life – Living In Spite

Carried By Six – Eternity (feat. Tyler of YOTK)

Bushido Code- Harvest

Age Of Apocalypse – The Patroit

Shackled – Doubt Surrounds All

FaceWreck – Cuttin’ Loose

Multipe Homefront Chaos – Natural Born Killers

Buried Dreams – Do Not Resuscitate

Strength For A Reason- Through Cold Eyes

Shattered realm – No One Else

Cruel Hand – Dark Side Of The Cage

Rude Awakening – Bound by Chains

Buried alive – Another Day Closer to Death (off split with reach the sky

Death Threat – Dead at Birth

All Out War – Dying Gods

Wisdom in Chains – Some Day

E town Concrete Track 1 – Do You See (from split with second to none )
Track 2 – Shaydee (ep version )


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