Episode 128 Anthony “CIV” Civorelli

We take a dive into the life of CIV and his way to finding hardcore punk.
A lot of laughs and great detail in the very early days before he even picked up the microphone with Gorilla Biscuits. Along the way we get into the new book that he has written, “A Roadie’s Tale” which is based on his tour journal from the iconic Youth of Today tour through the US in 1988 supporting the seminal Break Down The Walls LP, both tour and and record would have a major cataclysmic impact on the US Hardcore scene and beyond.
We had a short time to go over all of this and we are planning on having him back to go further along into the GB story and much more.


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Opening Track of the Episode
Worn ” Entity and Form” off the Condensing Flesh 7″
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