Addendum No. 1


an item of additional material, typically omissions, added at the end of a book or other publication.

After 2 episodes, I felt the need to catch people up to speed and chat for a few about the direction of the podcast, the influence of other podcasts and podcasters have had on getting this podcast off the ground.

With a great 2 episodes down and another amazing one coming out Friday, I felt like I’d touch on stuff that just wouldn’t be worth adding to episodes #1 or #2 just out of sake of length and also didn’t want to screw the rhythm of the show up with me talking too much.

There is alot to be said for the power of support of community and friendship and also getting a few questions as to why start the podcast, so it felt right between episodes to address some of it and give you some insight to the direction of the next few episodes and also discussing some of the reasons to do it in the first place.

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