Episode 117 Adam Easterling of Orthodox

Episode 117 Adam Easterling of Orthodox

Hailing from the city of Music, Nashville Tennessee, Adam grew up surrounded by music and the music industry. We talk about being raised around christian music and how he would find hardcore and metal from that scene. He has been booking shows in Nashville and touring for over 10 years now. Orthodox is playing TIHC Friday August 4th. Orthodox plays very metallic straight edge hardcore that retains all the power of the greats like Earth Crisis while edging further down the path blurring the lines between the metal and hardcore scene.
If you’re unfamiliar with the band, listen and check them out, Adam was easy to talk to and his passion for this scene is felt from the outset.


Opening Track of the Episode
Will To Live “Cold Embrace”
2nd single from the new release “Therapy Sessions”

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