Episode 126 DWID Hellion.

Episode 126 DWID Hellion.
With This Is Hardcore 2023 just 2 weeks away, it was time to sit down with a legendary figure in Hardcore and a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of the genre in many ways. We talk of his childhood and its influences which would later come out in much of his music and art. Dwid had a very heavy influence in taking hardcore punk beyond the cookie cutter images and lyrical tropes with Integrity, the seminal Cleveland Based hardcore/metalcore band that has been a favorite in the underground for decades.
Check out Integrity at TIHC 2023 Friday August 4th at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA.


Opening Track of the Episode
Hold My Own “Renown” off the Split 7″ with Carried By Six on Never Ran, Never Will Records


Post Production : Jack McLimans
Photo: Lenore McLimans

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