Episode 82 Danny Schuler Part 2.

Episode 82 Danny Schuler Part 2.

We pick up with our guest where we left off in Episode 68. If you haven’t listened to that, please go back to that first.

Danny gives a great insight in the machine that made Biohazard a world known powerhouse in metal.
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat etc. There is alot to be said about his perspective and the humility he has for all he’s accomplished. We speak on his new project Kings Never Die and we have some last few thoughts on Biohazard.

Be sure to check out Kings Never Die at This Is Hardcore Fest 2022.
They are playing Thursday July 7th, with H20, Sunami, Skarhead and alot more at Underground Arts as part of our TIHC Preshow!
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Opening Track of the Episode
Fool’s Game “Intro / Roll The Dice”

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