Episode 1: Nobody is Born Cool.. with Chris Wrenn of Bridge 9 Records

This Is Hardcore Podcast Episode #1
Nobody is born cool and into hardcore and punk, you gotta find your way there…

An amazing quote from one of hardcore punk’s hardest working record label owners. Over the last 25 years, Chris Wrenn has dedicated his life into releasing hundreds of records from both the best up and coming bands, as well as reissuing and archiving some of the great releases of yesterday.

Chris speaks on the early days of the label, the trials and tribulations of a preinternet hc scene. He goes over many of the DIY aspects to his promotion and marketing in the early days and how it comes back into play decades later.

This is not a short listen, but its full of honesty, inspiration and a wealth of information for those thinking of starting a record label or looking to grow their label or for those who are just fans of the label’s catalog and a great story behind the whole thing.
At two and half hours long, it goes deep and gets into many aspects that are usually not talked about from distribution, marketing, A&R and the overall curating and control of one of the most successful independent record labels in the world.

Between COVID19 and the news that Bridge 9’s building space will be sold, Chris and Bridge 9 have been working to raise funds to move after many years of being in their Salem,MA office space. Please head to their website and support them, they have some awesome packages right now.


@BridgeNine on IG, @Bridge9 on Twitter/FB

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