Episode 10 Phil Vibez of Irate & Judas Syndrome.. A Bronx Hardcore Tale

Episode 10 Phil Vibez

For those who listened to Episode 6 with Kevin Castle, you will undoubtedly remember Kevin talking about Irate, a band whose legacy remains strong to this day. After the excitement from the release of that episode, we had to bring Phil Vasquez, better known as Phil Vibez on the show…

Phil Vibez started out a metalhead from the Bronx and would be introduced to NYHC at an early age. The coming of age in NYC would be a good story already, but adding the element of travelling across boroughs to be a part of an underground punk scene and this story really takes off. In this conversation, Phil’s calm demeanor allows for a retelling and recollecting that makes the long format episode breeze by. There is no ego and lack of praise coming from him, he is very apt in showing gratitude and love to not only hardcore and metal, but to his bandmates and those folks he held close to him. The Irate story from beginning to end doesn’t stop Phil and he discusses his next musical endeavor Judas Syndrome. There is so much to this episode, that I don’t want to detail it too much here, but needless to say, there is more to the story of Phil then going from one band to the next.

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