Episode 3 An Unsung Hero of PAHC … Chris Spear of Dysphoria

On this episode, we go deep into one of the unsung heroes of PAHC, Chris Spear, Drummer of Dysphoria & How it Ends. Chris and Joe go through a huge portion of Chris’s life from early moments finding Black Sabbath, to teaching himself to play drums. From the beginning of Dysphoria and all the little things from promoting pre internet, finding sources to produce tapes and later cds, you’ll hear one of the people in the mid 90s to early 00s who always had his band’s best interest in mind. Be it promoting the band at other shows and in record stores on the east coast, to calling promoters to get on shows, through his own booking of shows, Chris delivers an old school how to on just about every aspect of DIY band management, including booking US tours as an unknown independent band in ’99. This tour would be a pivotal moment, not only for Chris and Dysphoria, but a life changing experience for Joe Hc, who credits this tour with being one of foundations of his being able to also tour and later book This Is Hardcore fest. Having been friends with Chris for 25 years, Joe and Chris have a more casual yet still informative conversation about all the ins and outs, the ups and downs of what it was like to make things happen in a pre internet music world. I won’t ruin how it ends, but I’ll say that if you’re in a band now, this is the episode that will inspire you to push forward and start working harder.


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