Episode 37 Paul Conroy. Fighting The Good Fight.

Episode 37 Paul Conroy. Fighting The Good Fight.

Paul Conroy’s story of rising up the ranks from the very bottom of the ladder in the Philadelphia area metal scene to becoming one of American Metal / Hardcore and Metalcore’s biggest champions is absolutely a must listen.
There is so much to learn from his experiences, his tips on how he networked and took risks and how sometimes they didn’t pay off but the experience was worth it. There is so much to him, from a local band manager to becoming an A&R for Roadrunner to creating Good Fight Entertainment, the Sounds of The Underground tour and managing so many well known bands like Terror, Unearth, Madball and countless metal bands. There is so much more to his achievements as he reached into the world of Sports and Skateboarding.
I’m leaving alot out so you have to listen. Paul is not only an entrepreneur and a DIY, self motivated success story, he is also a great teacher of the road ahead of anyone looking to traverse the many facets of the behind the scenes world of the music industry.

You can find him here Paul Conroy LinkedINor Paul Conroy Instagram

Opening Track of the Episode:
Lowlife ” Endless Punishment”
Exclusive track from their upcoming LP, Endless Punishment
Out on Twelve Gauge Records, Twelve Gauge Records

Check out Lowlife @ Low Life OBHC

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