Episode 41. Eddie Sutton. Surviving the Rise and Fall

Episode 41 Eddie Sutton. Surviving The Rise and Fall

The story of Eddie Sutton is not only the story of Leeway and their unparalleled impact and influence on hardcore and beyond, but also the tale of the trials and tribulations of many street kids in the world. Speaking to Eddie today, decades after his battle and victory over heroin addiction, he is now faced with a battle with cancer which he was lucky to be diagnosed early enough to catch the cancer and begin chemotherapy. His ability to look back with hindsight and humor into his dark past and the roots of our culture shows that regardless of the eventual demise of Leeway, that he still can look at those days with love and respect while being able to call out the problems that plagued the band.
We speak about alot of things not Leeway related and I truly believe this is one of my favorite episodes to date.
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Opening Track of the Episode :
All Due Respect ” Delusion of Knowledge”
tape available via Daze and Streets of Hate

Daze Style !!! All Due Respect Demo 2021

Charles Manson Book Discussed at the end of the episode
Leeway “I’m Your Pusher”
Leeway Video

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