Episode 51. Bob Wilson. PAHC Legend In The Making.

Episode 51. Bob Wilson. PAHC Legend In The Making.

Bob Wilson may be one of the most passionate people in hardcore today. From his early teens he was obsessed with hardcore punk. Over time he would pull together his first band Let Down, an angry straight edge band from the suburbs of Philadelphia. They were absolutely the definition of “in your face” and antagonistic. This was the path for him for all that would come later. He would end up being in multiple bands, Mother Of Mercy, Beware and Malice At The Palace and his newest band Off The Tracks. Through touring he would eventually start helping bands play in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
Later when he moved here, he began booking shows in the city as well. I mentored him and have always had his back, through personal life and with promoting and booking. After he moved to Florida, he would start FYA Fest with Sam from Triple B records. After 2 fests, Bob would take FYA from Orlando to Tampa and since 2015 has run it on his own.
Bob Wilson through FYA Fest and now his own small label Rebirth Records, has mastered the art of finding young bands and put them in the proper position to gain attention. With his relationships with small labels etc, he’s helped dozens of bands become nationally known. He is the embodiment of the DIY spirit in hardcore and has a passion that has outlasted most of his early naysayers. Hardcore Punk is in a better place because of him and this episode is both fun, personal and very enjoyable for me as he is one of my very closest friends on the planet.


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