Episode 66. John Joseph Of BloodClot / CroMags

Episode 66. John Joseph . BloodClot / CroMags

John Joseph life has had more ups and downs and turns than any world class rollercoaster. In this brief conversation, we talked about where he drew his strength and adversity to fight past his addictions and drive himself towards success.
Many people fall victim to vices and never overcome or rise above it, but for John, he survived, he overcame and he pushed himself even harder when the CroMags fell apart. His story is outlined in his first book, Evolution of a CroMagnon, so I won’t give you the bio, but we go into some cracks where we can hear more of his tale there and we go beyond into, into the drive towards his multi discipline training for the Ironman competitions he lives for. He has published 5 books and is working on his 6th, he is working on tv and movie scripts and he is also working as a life coach. As he approaches 60, he is still pursuing music with Bloodclot, which will have new music in the coming year.
Many of John’s peers didn’t make it to 30 or 50, while he is healthier physically and mentally than most half his age.
I love his story, I consider him to be a good friend and we had a great conversation.

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Opening Track Of The Episode Berthold City “Only Truth Wins” off their “When Words Are Not Enough” Debut LP
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