Strife releases Limited My Fire Still Burns 7″ for TIH

Strife X Eyeone X TIHC
This is Hardcore press of the “My Fire Burns On” 7″
Limited to 50!
Hand numbered, Fold out print/cover by Eyeone!
Only available at TIHC!

Eyeone is a well know street artist based out of Los Angeles. His work can be seen on the streets and in galleries around the world. In the 90’s he ran the Macondo Cultural Center, booking some of the best hardcore shows in Los Angeles.

This is the second version of this limited edition pressing of the “My Fire Burns On” 7″ that we have done with Eyeone. The first version was released for Sound and Fury last year, and sold out in about 10 minutes. Not only is this a great collectible, but the record cover is a signed and numbered archival print based on an original lithograph. This will be available on colored vinyl with hand stamped labels as well.