This Is Hardcore 2011 will be the best place to get records and merch

It means the world to TIH to have the relationship we do with the labels in hardcore today.
From our first year, they were behind us 100% and supportive to no end. Each year I’ve been told that if I take the merch tables off the club floor that we could add more people and bring in more money, but its been the aesthetic of having those very tables surrounding the floor that remind me of many of my first shows.
This year we’ve really got a great combination of the labels that will be in the Starlight Ballroom representing beloved established labels and the up and coming as well as a few strong locals.
I am beyond excited to see what they’re bringing and what we can expect from the guys who keep this hardcore thing going throughout the year.

I’ll be putting up more labels that will be in the new building shortly, but for now here is a list of the labels you can find right inside the venue.
Remember these are the guys who put their time and money into hardcore out of love, often losing more then they’ll ever make back.
There is something special about not just having their Labels represented each year but having the guys who put the work in on hand at the fest to hang out, watch bands and talk to the kids, shows the level of involvement and love they have for hardcore.

I’ll have a page up shortly with more information on each label.
Be sure to check each table out as there is always surprises, special TIH and rare stuff that you can’t find online.