Quick Check in with District 9 about TIHC 2011

Who is playing in District 9 for the TIHC show? Puerto Rican Myke: its P.R.MYKE, CESAR D9 AND NOVA CEEZ EVERYTHING, LENNY OF D9 AND FARENHEIT 451, TODD OF D9,WARZONE AND VISION, AND LOU OF D9, BREAKDOWN, AND ALL OUT WAR.. Why did you want to play This Is Hardcore? PRM: We wanted to play

Final Chance To Get Your Tickets…

We know a lot of people got screwed when the Ticketfly site and phones got overloaded. Just to be fair we’ve releasing a very small amount of tickets. The passes have been sold out for awhile, and there is barely any Sunday tickets left, but we wanted to make it up to those that got

This Is Hardcore 2011 – Official Announcement

This year I’ve taken the time to work on the This Is Hardcore Fest experience from the ticket buying, thousand odd miles traveling, sitting on the sidewalk and wanting to see bands but needing to eat and its too damn hot to do this all day TIHC attendee. After all the cool bands we’ve booked

Tickets on Sale May 30th

So at 12pm EST Monday May 30th, we will announce all 4 days, all the bands. We’ll have a comprehensive view of the fest’s added features this year and we’ll have all the tickets up for sale online via I suggest you take a look at ticketfly now if you’re unfamiliar. Don’t email me