This Is Hardcore 2012 Movie

Joe Hardcore has been in hiding since the conclusion of This Is Hardcore 2011. Rumors are circulating regarding both his whereabouts and the the lineup for 2012 when a leaked memo from the Joe Hardcore, LLC compound announces he’s hidden Golden Tickets in records across the city. Those who find them will be treated to a tour of the mansion he purchased with TIH money and also get a sneak peek at the lineup. The jovial tour quickly goes awry when goons are sent in by some unknown higher force to arrest Joe, thereby putting This Is Hardcore 2012 in jeopardy.

Will Joe be able to survive jail? More importantly, will the legacy of This Is Hardcore come to a fiery end with his incarceration? Or will he find another way?

It’s an unprecedented lineup.
There’s a conspiracy to sabotage.
It’s a race against time.