New Venue Announcment for TIHC 2012

“Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter” was the words written on the door Dante opened in his descent into hell.

It is fitting to say that this is the beginning of our journey into the new home for TIH.

The Electric Factory – 421 North 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123 is the new home for This Is Hardcore 2012.

I can say that after 6 years of taking this festival from an idea jotted in a spiral notebook into a annual festival that seems to grow exponentially with each passing summer, I am surprised we’ve got to this point.

I know behind the doors of this venue lies a lot of questions and ideas as to how the fest will be with a new home.

I can tell you that I searched far and wide and could never have been more excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for all of us.

Before I ramble further, let me get the suspicions and questions that have been plaguing us since we announced the venue move.



Union Transfer doesn’t use one often and to avoid everyone getting severely injured trying to dive off the almost 6 foot high stage at the Electric Factory, we’re bringing a smaller stage to put in front of the stage!

Stage dive, headwalk, singalong… Its all yours… This Is And ALWAYS Will be a hardcore show. That is how we run the fest and how I will always keep it.

Nothing is changing. We’ve got 4 awesome bills lined up and I am sure that by the time the show is over on Sunday you will all understand why the move was the right one to make…

Now to list off my list of reasons why the Electric Factory is the place for TIH 2012.

1. More Space

No more being crammed into a skinny long venue with only a few good spots to see the bands and all the craziness.

Bigger area for those who are 21 years or older and wish to drink , or for people who just don’t want to get “that close” to stagediving and moshing.. we now have a full balcony level at our disposal to give everyone the breathing room we were without for so long.


I should mention that because the place is bigger, YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AT GETTING TICKETS!!!!!

It really started to suck to see people get excited about the festival lineup and all I planned all year, but complaining about not being able to get tickets in time before the sell out.

Now I am not a fortune teller, so I have no idea if this year’s lineup is going to be another quick sell out or if we’ll have tickets at the door.

As with all years, its on you to decide that by getting your tickets early.

I am just happy that more people will get the chance to see what everyone has been talking about for the past 6 years.

Do your part and pay attention to our updates and posts and you will be able to get tickets !

3. No more dealing with sitting on the sidewalk or having to walk across the street.

We’ve got over 25,000 square feet of closed empty parking lot space at our disposal, you will see us continue what we started with last year’s chilled out extra area.

We’ve got food trucks coming, BlackBird Pizza and A1 Concessions coming back. Expect big tents, lots of merch to buy and some surprises.

I know that people in the Philadelphia area have opinions about how the shows at the Electric Factory usually run, and to those who still doubt if we will be able to have This Is Hardcore at the Factory, I need to ask you if you think that after all the years of us booking this and working hard to keep things as true to hardcore punk as possible that I would just decide one day to say fuck it and let the fest happen in a room that didn’t understand us and what we were doing…. I’d rather not book it at all if we couldn’t have it the right way.

This is the move we’re making and I am beyond excited to work with the Staff of the Electric Factory.

They are an independent large venue that books over 200 shows a year, they are professional and able to serve us in the best way possible.

They get what we’re doing, it was their idea to bring in the small stage and they have been so overwhelmingly helpful with so many aspects of organizing the small details like the coat/bag check, the extra parking lot space etc, that I feel like we’ve finally found a partner in the venue.

TIHC 2012 Area Maps

This is the view above the stage area on the floor.

To the left you will see the balcony view and the 21+ drinking area

At the top of the picture you see the far end of the balcony which will be all ages.

This also includes the baller “cabana” seating for those who took part in the Kickstarter Reward.

We will be putting the stage on the floor in front of the stage.

Zero barricades, and all the room to either go crazy and sing along or hang back or upstairs and watch the show.

The best seat in the house? Its probably the safest.

This is from the balcony /21+ and is an excellent view point of the stage and floor area.

This is ground zero of where the bodies will be flying and the band will be going off. This is 5 feet from the stage that will be on the ground.

As you can see, zero barricade, still a very stagedive friendly environment if you ask me.

This is the floor level and as you can see from the view of the both balcony sections, there is plenty of room for all everyone.

Gone are the weird padded columns of the Starlight and the bad sightlines for everyone who isn’t in the center of the room.

When I think of the bad parts of the fest was that the only place to see the bands that wasn’t on the floor was standing on furniture and climbing over merch areas just to be able to see over the heads on the floor.

Well we’ve got a nice spot for those that want to just “see” the show and not get too close to the stage and crowd.

This balcony area is going to be all ages and has plenty of seating and standing room to hang and chill and catch the bands from a nice birds eye view.

Up at the very top are super cool cabana booths for the lucky few who participated in the Kickstarter Reward we had for our Photobook.

With all this balcony talk, I wanted to show you whats underneath…

Merch area, snackbar and even more bar space.

This is the site of where all the food trucks, BIG tents and also where a lot of the merch will be sold this year.

We’re working hard on the details as to which food trucks will be present and what other goodies we got in store for you.

There is plans to have a Bar setup for those who wish to step outside and drink responsibly.

4.No Changing Hotel Reservations or Your Favorite Hotel From Past Years

As you can see from the Maps to the left, we’re still in the same area of the city as we’ve always been so anyone who has been to This Is Hardcore before will be familiar with the area.
It is close to the highways (676/76/95) and a place that most city taxi cabs know very well.


Some things take time and This Is Hardcore takes over 15 months to prepare at this point for a proper announcement.
Tickets will be on Sale May 17th 2012 at 12pm SHARP.
There will be ALOT of advance notice in the months to follow and I’m sure that you’ll get tired of hearing about them.

This year tickets will be 4 day passes will be $110.
3 day passes will be $ 90
Singe passes for Friday -Sunday will be $35 (each day)
Thursday @ Union Transfer will be $18

Stay in the loop by checking us out on here or

Thanks for all the support over the past 6 years

Without your support, this move wouldn’t have been possible and I don’t take that lightly and have been astounded to see how well this information has been received.

Thanks to all who have donated to our PhotoBook covering the past 6 years of the Fest. I know we reached our goal, but if you want your book mailed to you before anyone, you can donate $25 and continue to support our project!!

Any questions feel free to contact me – [email protected]