Scott Vogel of Terror checks in with TIH2011 for round 3

Terror was the first band to fly out to play the festival back in 2006 and headline. Since then they’ve also come back in ’08 to headline w/ Vision and make it onto our DVD. Its been a few years and they’re back with a new record and ready for their first Philadelphia show of 2011 and third TIH appearance. I caught Scott on vacation and got a few quick words in with him.

This is Terror’s 3rd time playing TIH? Are you excited or is it just another tour date?
Of course I am excited! The line up is great and I have a lot of good friends from all over the earth coming that I look forward to chillin with. Terror is on a nice break right now so it will be cool to see the Terror crew and do our thing. I get to see a lot of great newer bands and some I haven’t seen in a while, laugh with friends, visit my friend Tim’s new establishment (Gunner’s Run!!) and talk hc with you and Patrick Kitzel and other well trained frontliners.

What has been the driving force to push Terror all over the world consistently as you guys do?
We’re still making music that matters I feel. We still love and believe in hc. Meeting new kids. Exploring new places. Trying our best to never grow up and fall in to the society trap. Its still feels right so we keep pushing on.

Name 3 non headliners at TIH2011 you’re looking forward to seeing this year
Reach the sky. Strife. Bane. Cold world. Maximum penalty. Bitter end. Dead end path. Strength for a reason. Suburban scum. Dtn. Wisdom in chain. Cruel hand. Stick together. killing time. We play in Detroit on Fri so ill be missing H2O and Ringworm. Not happy about that.

Did you see the Buried Alive rumors floating around the Internet before the TIH 2011 announcement?
I’m so removed from hc internet talk so I would never come across that stuff but I did have some people tell Me I was lying to them when I told them buried alive was in no way playing. The internet really does convince people of strange things. Or am I sitting here learning the lyrics to the old songs right now?

Will you be stagediving at TIH?
All signs point to yes.