This Is Hardcore has been embroiled in a public scandal after weeks of relentlessly posting “no re-entry” memes have resulted in a logistical gridlock for pediatricians worldwide as they try to tend to the scores of double baby jagaloons upset about the memes. Today, on March 25, 2014, Joe Hardcore addresses the controversy and proposes

On the preservation of TIHC

  I’ve always had a passion to document bands in the hardcore/punk community since I started going to shows in the early 2000’s. If we didn’t put in the effort to create institutional memory within our scene, who would? The lack of both streaming video on the web and good camera equipment siphoned the life out of that drive by 2003. I had reignited what

This Is Hardcore 2013 Full Lineup

This is the 8th lineup I’ve put together with the help of many great old and new friends. As of March, its been 20 years since I saw my first hardcore band. Much has changed and yet a great number of things remain the same and that’s what makes doing TIH each year rewarding. This