TIH2013 Second Announcement is here!!

Ah! Its May and we’re back with more bands for This Is Hardcore 2013. We’ve held out on 6 bands scattered across 4 days and we’ll tell the world the bit of bands in 2 weeks. In the meantime lets get excited about Sick Of It All finally playing TIH!!! Returning to TIH after a

TIHC 2013 Announcement

No April Fool’s joke here, folks! This is the beginning of the 8th installment of This Is Hardcore Fest: four days where we turn the biggest rock venue in Philadelphia into the nation’s biggest hardcore show. After expanding into our new venue, it was time to invite back some old friends of the fest and

This Is Hardcore book is on sale!

The long-awaited This Is Hardcore photo book is finally for sale here on Compiled by Joe Hardcore himself and featuring photos Robby Redcheeks, Todd Pollock, Aaron Weber, and more. Over 100 pages of photos, notes, thoughts, and memories as well as an introduction written by George Hirsch from Blacklisted. Check out the preview photos